The Stone Roses Reunite

The great Manchester psych-rock band the Stone Roses, whose self-titled album is absolutely one that you should have on your iPod, announced a long-rumored, long-denied reunion at a press conference in their hometown today. The band, who broke up acrimoniously in 1996 and who have long denied any possibility of a reunion, will play two shows in Manchester’s Heaton Park next 6/29 and 6/30. If there’s enough demand, the band says they might also play a third show. And given how hungrily people have been hoping for this band to get back together, there is going to be enough demand.

If you’re not too broke, this might be a good time to book a flight across the Atlantic (or, if you’re already across the Atlantic, to find a decent hotel room in the Manchester area). The opportunity to sing along with “She Bangs The Drums” and “Fool’s Gold” in a gigantic crowd of people is not one that you should skip. However, it seems like there’s a decent chance that these shows won’t be the end of the reunion. At the press conference, frontman Ian Brown said, “Our plan is to take over the world,” and that’s not the sort of thing you say when you’re only playing a couple of shows.

UPDATE: The band has also announced that they plan to tour the world next year, and that they may even record a third album. All this seems a little ambitious for one press conference, but still! Holy shit!

(via Manchester Evening News)