Stephen Malkmus Visits Fox News’ Red Eye

If you happened to be watching the Fox News Channel at 3AM this past Friday — like who wasn’t? — you may have caught a sorta surreal happening on Red Eye: After the Take-Away strains of Real Emotional Trash favorite “We Can’t Help You,” Steve Malkmus gamely explaining the meaning of a “Jick” (“between a jerk and a dick,” among others), talking about his contributions to I’m Not There, discussing Blender’s heavily debated “The 100 Greatest Indie-Rock Albums Ever” list (he offers VU props), and his old job as a guard at the Whitney, etc. If you don’t know the show, it’s called Red Eye. It’s supposed to be silly. They don’t talk politics or anything. Just talking head nonsense. One ‘Gum staffer mentioned:

I went through a period of time when I DVDR-d this show every night. One thing that’s funny is it’s the first thing to go if any news happens at night. It’s just like “Oh sorry guys, some blond chick went missing in Oklahoma, you don’t have a show tonight, go home.” It happened like once a week. Also, I love it when the guy with the huge crevasse between his eyes (host Greg Gutfeld) calls all of the women hot, and then he introduces one of them and doesn’t call her hot, and she gets visibly disappointed.

OK, she has us wanting to watch this more regularly…

Why no questions about the Pavement reunion? Gutfeld wants us to think he’s a Pavement fan. Maybe he is, but you can’t tell by the dumb questions. Maybe Malkmus’s publicist has a sense of humor? Regardless, as any SM fan knows, so does he … and he’s pretty fucking hilarious.

More Malkmus on the internet today: A conversation with Gothamist. Still no Pavement reunion Qs, but plenty of talk about Joggers and the beautiful hipsters of Williamsburg.