The Internet – “Cocaine” Video (Feat. Left Brain)

The Internet is the new mutant-R&B project from two Odd Future members, Syd Tha Kid and Matt Martian. We’ve already posted their tracks “Love Song -1” and “They Say,” and now there’s a video for new track “Cocaine.” In director Matt Alonzo’s clip, Syd gets her mack on at a carnival. And even though there’s pills and snorting and freaky bug-eyed hallucinations and evil clowns, and even though Syd leaves her headphones in the whole time and unceremoniously (physically) dumps her date at the end, it’s still the sweetest and most romantic thing Odd Future have ever done. MellowHype’s Left Brain adds a quick verse, and various other O.F. members make cameos. Watch it below.

The Internet’s album is supposedly coming out on Odd Future by the end of the year.