New Elbow Video – “One Day Like This”

We’ve already raved about breezy, ballsy “Grounds For Divoce” and the altogether dreamer “Mirrorball,” both from Elbow’s excellent fourth album, The Seldom Seen Kid. Unlike the part band performance/part barroom twister of “Grounds For Divorce”‘s video, the setup for the British quintet’s new, Rigan Ledwidge-directed clip is a simple outdoor vignette. Standing on the side of the road with a “condos now selling” sign, a bored minimum wager starts spinning and flipping and otherwise twisting around the advertisement. As he grows more elaborate with his moves, and the sign gets more difficult to read (or, suggesting the condos are selling in every direction at once), he looks a little bit happier. But just a little. Watch it here. Strangely beautiful.

The Seldom Seen Kid is out now in the UK on Fiction/Polydor and 4/22 in the US on Geffen.

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