New 7 Worlds Collide (Ed O’Brien/Neil Finn/Jeff Tweedy/Johnny Marr) – “Bodhisattva Blues” (Stereogum Premiere)

New 7 Worlds Collide (Ed O’Brien/Neil Finn/Jeff Tweedy/Johnny Marr) – “Bodhisattva Blues” (Stereogum Premiere)

At this point most fans of Radiohead are aware that 7 Worlds Collide is a true-to-the-definition supergroup involving all the people listed in the above headline as well as Phil Selway and others who aren’t. What you might’ve forgotten is that 7 Worlds Collide began as the good-will project of Neil Finn. The first document was a live album/DVD that came out in 2001, pairing Finn with various “friends.” The second collection, the 24-song The Sun Came Out double album, is out in the UK today and pairs Finn with even more of his “friends.” It was recorded in three weeks and, like the last time, all proceeds go to support Oxfam in fighting poverty and the more hard to define “injustice.” So far you’ve heard Phil Selway’s “The Witching Hour” and “The Ties That Bind Us, ” Jeff Tweedy’s “Fake Plastic Trees” cover, and some MySpace clips. Digging into the psychedelic, Beatles-esque corner of the tracklist, today we have “Bodhisattva Blues,” written by Ed O’Brien and Liam Finn and featuring Jeff Tweedy’s guitar soloing and vocal responses/screams, a Johnny Marr guitar solo, Elroy Finn’s drums, and Liam/Neil Finn and O’Brien multi-tasking. It’s one of the collection’s more pleasingly anthemic moments.

The Sun Came Out is out 8/31 via in the UK via Columbia and 9/29 in the US via Sony. In case you’ve forgotten the complete tracklist, here it is for repeat scanning. Note the various blacks and blues.

Disc 1
01 “Too Blue” – (Johnny Marr/Jeff Tweedy) – Johnny Marr and Neil Finn vocals
Elroy Finn & Glenn Kotche (drums), Phil Selway (percussion), John Stirratt (stand-up bass), Johnny Marr & Ed O’Brien (guitars), Pat Sansone (piano), Nile Marr & Neil Finn (acoustic guitars), and Lisa Germano (violins)

02 “You Never Know” – (Jeff Tweedy) – Jeff Tweedy (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars), Glenn Kotche (drums), Pat Sansone (acoustic 12 string guitar & piano), John Stirratt (bass), Neil Finn (Wurlitzer piano, fuzz guitar), Liam Finn (additional fuzz guitar), Nels Cline (electric/slide guitar), and Mikael Jorgensen (organ/synth)

03 “Little By Little” – (Sharon Finn/Neil Finn) – Neil and Sharon vocals
Glenn Kotche (drums & percussion), Liam Finn (additional drums), Sharon Finn (bass), and Neil Finn (guitars, Chamberlin, Jupiter 8, marimba)

04 “Learn To Crawl” – (Ed O’Brien/Johnny Marr/Liam Finn/Neil Finn) – Neil and Liam vocals
Glenn Kotche (drums), Ed O’Brien, Johnny Marr, Pat Sansone (acoustic guitar arpeggio), Neil Finn (bass), Pat Sansone (background harmonies), Jeff Tweedy (disembodied voice), and Lisa Germano (violin)

05 “Black Silk Ribbon” – (KT Tunstall/Bic Runga) – KT and Bic vocals
Luke Bullen (drums, thigh slap), KT Tunstall & Bic Runga (acoustic guitars), Sebastian Steinberg (stand up & bowed bass), and Lisa Germano (violin)

06 “Girl, Make Your Own Mind Up” – (Don McGlashan) – Don vocals
Don McGlashan (guitar), Glenn Kotche (drums), Ed O’Brien (electric guitar atmosphere), John Stirratt (bass), Ivy Rossiter (backing vocal), and Jeff Tweedy (electric guitar solo)

07 “Run In The Dust” – (Johnny Marr) – Johnny vocals
Phil Selway (drums), Sebastian Steinberg (bass), Johnny Marr (guitar), Ed O’Brien (electric guitar), Pat Sansone (Hammond organ), Jeff Tweedy (harmonica), Neil Finn, Lisa Germano, and Pat Sansone (harmonies)

08 “Red Wine Bottle” – (Liam Finn/Chris Garland/Johnny Marr) – Liam vocals
Glenn Kotche (drums), John Stirratt (bass), Liam Finn (acoustic guitars, guitar loops and solo, Hammond mash), Neil Finn (Hammond flourish), Johnny Marr (electric guitar), Eliza Jane Barnes & Cecilia Herbert (harmonies)

09 “The Ties That Bind Us” – (Phil Selway) – Phil vocals
Phil Selway (acoustic guitar), Glenn Kotche (drums, percussion), Pat Sansone (acoustic guitar, celeste), Sebastian Steinberg (standup & bowed bass), Lisa Germano (violin & whisper), Don McGlashan (euphium, flugelhorn), and Jeff Tweedy (additional arrangement)

10 “Reptile” – (Lisa Germano) – Lisa vocals
Lisa Germano (electric guitar, Theremin), Sebastian Steinberg (bass), Spencer Tweedy (drums), Glenn Kotche (toys and robots drumming), Pat Sansone (12 string guitar), Neil Finn (xylophone), Sonny Marr, Nile Marr, Sam Tweedy, Jeff Tweedy, Louise Callaghan, Emma Scott, Pearl McGlashan, mae Moreno, Sharon Finn, Julia Connolly, Sebastian Steinberg, and Milla (humans & dogs singing background vocals)

11 “Bodhisattva Blues” – (Ed O’Brien/Liam Finn) – Ed and Neil Finn vocals
Ed O’Brien (electric guitar), Elroy Finn (drums), Liam Finn (guitar), Neil Finn (Wurlizer piano, bass), Jeff Tweedy (guitar solo, vocal response & scream), and Johnny Marr (guitar solo)

12 “What Could Have Been” – (Jeff Tweedy) – Jeff vocals
Glenn Kotche (drums, percussion), Jeff Tweedy (acoustic guitar), John Stirratt (bass), Neil Finn (vibes, electric guitar, harmony), and Pat Sansone (piano, Wurlitzer organ)

Disc 2
01 “All Comedians Suffer” – (Neil Finn) – Neil vocals
Glenn Kotche (drums), Neil Finn (electric guitar), Pat Sansone (acoustic guitar), Liam Finn (bass, electric guitar, harmonies), and Jeff Tweedy (chorus fuzz, electric guitar solo)

02 “Duxton Blues” – (Glenn Richards) – Glenn vocals
Glenn Richards (guitar), Liam Finn (drums, guitar & vocal loops), Johnny Marr (electric guitar), Sebastian Steinberg (bass), Bic Runga & Neil Finn (background vocals)

03 “Hazel Black” – (KT Tunstall/Neil Finn) – KT and Neil vocals
KT Tunstall (acoustic guitar, handclaps, background vocals), Luke Bullen (drums, handclaps), John Stirratt (bass), Johnny Marr & Pat Sansone (electric guitars), Neil Finn (piano, harmony), Glenn Kotche (handclaps), Sonny Marr & Bic Runga (back-
ground vocals)

04 “Riding The Wave” – (Tim Finn) – Tim vocals
Tim Finn (piano), Elroy Finn (drums), Neil Finn (acoustic guitar, slide guitar, harmony), Liam Finn (harmonies), Sebastian Steinberg (bass), Johnny Marr (electric guitar), and Pat Sansone (Hammond organ)

05 “The Witching Hour” – (Phil Selway) – Phil vocals
Phil Selway (acoustic guitar), Bic Runga & KT Tunstall (background vocals), Lisa Germano (violin), and Jeff Tweedy (Optigan organ, piano)

06 “Over And Done” – (John Stirratt) – John vocals
John Stirratt (guitar), Glenn Kotche (drums), Pat Sansone (bass, piano), Don McGlashan (Euphonium, Flugelhorn), and Neil Finn & Pat Sansone (harmonies)

07 “A Change Of Heart” – (Bic Runga/Dan Wilson) – Bic vocals
Bic Runga (acoustic guitar), Glenn Kotche (drums), John Stirratt (bass), Neil Finn (piano), Pat Sansone (Hammond organ), and Don McGlashan (humming)

08 “Don’t Forget Me” – (Pat Sansone) – Pat vocals
Pat Sansone (guitar), Glenn Kotche (drums), John Stirratt (bass), and Johnny Marr (electric guitar)

09 “Long Time Gone” – (Don McGlashan) – Don vocals
Don McGlashan (guitar), Phil Selway (drums), Pat Sansone (bass), Ed O’Brien (electric guitar), and Johnny Marr (12 string & 6 string acoustic guitars, backing vocals)

10 “The Cobbler” – (Elroy Finn) – Elroy vocals
Elroy Finn (guitar), Lisa Germano (violin), and Sebastian Steinberg (bowed bass)

11 “3 Worlds Collide” – (Glenn Kotche/Phil Selway/Neil Baldock)
Glenn Kotche & Phil Selway (drums, percussion)

12 “The Water” – (Sebastian Steinberg) – Sebastian vocals
Sebastian Steinberg (guitars, bass), Neil Finn (piano), Glenn Kotche (drums), and Johnny Marr (ghost guitar)

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