Download New Mixtapes From Lakutis, ModreM.A.N., And Young L

Das Racist associate Lakutis, a rapper just as clever and snark-addled as Heems and Victor, has just released his very own solo mixtape, a short affair called I’m In The Forest. On one songs, he raps over a sample of the Prodigy’s “Breathe.” On another, entitled “Ja Rule,” he sweetly croons the chorus of “Put It On Me” over screwed-up psych-rock guitars. Das Racist show up. It’s fun! Stream or download the mixtape here.

Today is actually an unexpected banner day in new mixtape releases. MondreM.A.N., one half of the zonked-out Oakland space-rap duo, has a new EP-length solo tape called M.A.N.; stream or download that one here. And as the FADER points out, Young L, the smart and innovative producer and decent-enough rapper who previously served as the musical mind behind Berkeley youngster crew the Pack, actually dropped a new tape called Praktica last Friday, but nobody noticed for some reason. Like the Lakutis and MondreM.A.N. tapes, it’s worth a listen, and it’s up for free download here.