Meat Loaf And Tiffany Duet (For An Uncomfortably Long Time) For AT&T’s GoPhone

Last time we checked in with Meat Loaf, he was falling on the ground (repeatedly) in the Meat Loaf: In Search Of Paradise trailer. He also let us know he was forever in search of the perfect show. Maybe it’s not perfect, but Loaf’s hooked up with late ’80s “I Think We’re Alone Now” mall princess Tiffany and found himself a little bit of “Paradise by the GoPhone Light.” It’s as embarrassing as it sounds. Though, to be fair, Tiff and Meat aren’t entirely to blame: Get a load of their over-acting son played by Adam Cagley. Jack Black wants his shtick back, Adam.

(via The Daily Swarm)

Why’s Tiffany doing magic tricks in front of the refrigerator? More importantly … Why Tiffany? Well, that was … interesting. And long!