Why Did You Kill Me Mommy? When God Made Me Special For You?

Thanks IndieMatt for pointing me to some crazy-ass MP3s of obscure LPs at showandtellmusic.com.

As far as bizarre Christian LPs, Lil’ Markie (Volume 1) is this most extreme thing you will ever hear. Here’s an MP3 of “Diary of an Unborn Child.”

On a lighter note, listen to an MP3 excerpt from Chevrolet Sings Of Safe Driving And You. Chevrolet teaches safe driving to teenagers with “the most emotionally overwrought folk material its studio team could muster up.”

It’s shitty outside. Today could be boring. I hope Michael Jackson gets arrested for child molestation today. That might make today interesting.

Oh, and speaking of freaky white guys, The Source has unearthed an early Eminem track in which he raps, “Black girls only want your money cause they’re dumb chicks / Never date a black girl because blacks only want your money, and that s– ain’t funny … black girls and white girls just don’t mix, because black girls are dumb and white girls are good chicks.” The song was aired by Source execs at a midtown press conference last night.