New Bear In Heaven – “Lovesick Teenagers”

After the recent deaths of ’80s musical movie icons John Hughes and Patrick Swayze, an ebulliently downcast and darkly triumphant song that reminds us lovesick teenagers “don’t ever die / they will live forever” sounds like the anthem of ’09. It’s meant metaphorically — you have that teenager in you “even when you’re too old / and you think you know more” — but that doesn’t take away the track’s power. It’s the work of the Jon Philpot-fronted Brooklyn (via Georgia and Alabama) quartet Bear In Heaven and feels instantly familiar, not just because you might be reminded of Yeasayer or Suckers (or the Bee Gees). “Lovesick Teenagers” is one of those rare songs that feels fully formed even when you’re absorbing it for the first time.

Bear In Heaven – “Lovesick Teenagers” (MP3)
(Via @EdwardDroste)

“Lovesick Teenagers” appears on Bear’s second proper full-length Beast Rest Forth Mouth. In case you want some more, here’s the album’s first single.

Bear In Heaven – “Wholehearted Mess” (MP3)

Beast Rest Forth Mouth is out 10/13 via Hometapes. “Wholehearted Mess” is out now on a Hometapes 12″ EP that includes remixes of the track by Pink Skull, Max Brannslokker, and Arclike.