Fucked Up, Norah Jones Play Anthony Bourdain’s Holiday Special

Epicurean celeb-chef Anthony Bourdain’s annual head-trip of a holiday special aired a couple of nights ago, and it featured a couple of musical moments that rivaled Das Racist’s tripped-out appearance from last year’s show. This year’s special ended with Fucked Up giving a characteristically bellowy rendition of “Jingle Bells.” Also, in one deeply inexplicable moment, the show featured a short animation with Norah Jones singing a Catalan kids’ song about shitting. And Jones also made an in-the-flesh appearance, singing a soothing “Silent Night” in the lobby of New York’s Ace Hotel — exactly seven floors below the room where I’m writing this blog post. (That’s right. Ballin’ on you motherfuckers.) Watch the Fucked Up performance and the poop cartoon below, and check out the “Silent Night” moment here.

(via MTV Hive)

If you haven’t heard the Anthony Bourdain episode of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, you should do that.