The 10 Biggest Band Beefs Of 2011

Back in the day, when two artists didn’t like each other, they’d deal with it in relatively low-profile ways: A snippy backstage comment, or a pointed interview comment. Maybe they’d toss in a lyrical jab, the way Lynyrd Skynyrd did toward Neil Young on “Sweet Home Alabama,” but that would be just about it. That’s all changed. If, say, the Kurt Cobain/Axl Rose VMA-backstage kerfuffle had happened today, the resounding Twitterpocalypse would have the over-capacity whale showing up for three solid days whenever you tried to reload the site. And every time an artist is even vaguely annoyed at something another artist says or does, they seem to get on their blackberries to air it out. Impulse control, after all, is a tough thing to master when you’ve got a computer sitting in front of you and a few hundred thousand followers eager to soak up whatever you might give them. Meanwhile, sites like ours live for these instantaneous bursts of conflict because, honestly, who doesn’t love reading about this stuff? So here we are: The unranked list of 2011’s biggest, dumbest, best inter-band squabbles.