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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Not that many people released music videos in the first week of the year, though I can’t quite figure out why. The world is back at work, it’s cold outside, and we need flashy images to occupy our eyeballs this time of year. Do your job, makers of music videos! A few intrepid souls did, however, give us some pretty great videos this first year back. They’re below.

5. Keepaway – “Cake” (Dir. Max Goldblatt)

There’s not a whole lot to this one, but it’s flashy and colorful, and all three of the dudes on camera look like they had a great time making it, which counts for a lot. Next-level thrift-store shirt game, too.

4. Iron & Wine – “Godless Brother In Love” (Dir. Claire Marie Vogel)

Between crippling hangovers and leaky warehouse-space ceilings and persistent unemployability, life as a young hipster is not necessarily the most idyllic form of existence. But watching this video, you could probably be convinced otherwise. Vogel makes it look like just about the prettiest life direction you could possibly take.

3. Flatbush Zombies – “Thug Waffle” (Dir. Luke Monaghan)

Ol’ Dirty Bastard drunken-boxing cadences and spiky crust-punk vests finally make their way to the Tumblr-rap generation. Suddenly, I’m incredibly hungry.

2. Scissor Sisters – “Shady Love” (Dir. Hiro Murai)

Nothing in this world is cuter than little kids executing highly choreographed dance moves. If you’re making a video for your fired-up gloss-pop song, that’s a good thing to keep in mind.

1. Youth Lagoon – “July” (Dir. Tyler T. Williams)

I’m not sure whether the science checks out or not, but this eerie, evocative horror movie of a clip does a pretty amazing job evoking the apocalypse on a budget — with bonus points for period-piece accuracy. I would absolutely watch a sequel.