Xiu Xiu – “Hi”

“If you’re wasting your life, say ‘Hi’ / If you’re alone tonight, say ‘Hi.'” A decade in and Jamie Stewart has only become more adept in his ability to squeeze relatable melodic manna from the most desolate and corporeally vulgar places. His new Xiu Xiu LP is called Always. It has song names like “I Luv Abortion,” “Smear The Queen,” and in his most bang-on-trend moment yet, a track titled “Born To Suffer” (Sleigh Bells, Lana Del Rey, meet your mashup artists). The song quoted up front is the album’s first single, and it has Jamie’s Scott Walker theatrics pitched into some strange salutations and earwormy dance beats. Hear, here:

Xiu Xiu – Hi by Xiu Xiu

Always is out 3/6 via Polyvinyl. Preorder it. Says the label: “Always will be released on white 180 gram vinyl and there will be 500 limited edition copies of translucent pink 180 gram vinyl available via Polyvinyl mailorder.” With every LP purchase will be an accompanying collage poster of Xiu Xiu tattoos and scars, which will do nothing to minimize references to Jamie Stewart as a more morbid Moz.

Here’s the tracklist:

01 “Hi”
02 “Joey’s Song”
03 “Beauty Towne”
04 “Honeysuckle”
05 “I Luv Abortion”
06 “The Oldness”
07 “Chimneys Afire”
08 “Gul Mudin”
09 “Born to Suffer”
10 “Factory Girls”
11 “Smear the Queen”
12 “Black Drum Machine”

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