New Dan Deacon Video – “Okie Dokie”

This image shuffling David Hughes-directed video for Dan Deacon’s “Okie Dokie” does a good job shifting the energy of his live shows into a stream-of-conscious kaleidoscopic mindfuck. OK, instead of “mindfuck,” let’s say art-school project. We kid! If you try piecing things together into a coherent narrative, you may just earn a Ph.D. What seems more important — instead of people sweating together in an ad hoc dance party, Dan’s sweating sorta by his lonesome, only with the disembodied help of his trippy green (and yellow) skull(s), vintage commercial footage, TV Dinners, fighting robots, Spiderman of the Rings rockets, maps of the USA, a rainbow of feedback, etc. Right, the man brings the party regardless of his surroundings.


His glasses never fall off once. Also, speaking of Dan’s surroundings and over-sized glasses, NY Press has an amusing retelling of last night’s event/show with Dan Deacon and Ed Schrader at the Masonic Temple in Brooklyn. To get the gist:

…I felt like an outsider in this crowd: Mullets, mustaches, giant ugly glasses, and guys in short shorts were everywhere. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t wearing a fanny pack, or any other ironic style of clothing, but I was barely cool enough to be hanging out in Bushwick at Ridgewood Masonic Temple. It was a Todd P show, in Brooklyn, so I had to expect the onslaught of irony, but I don’t think I had ever witnessed such an overwhelming exhibition of hipster culture over the years that I’ve covered the music scene.

It was as if I had walked into some sort of ironic joke world, and was not aware of the dress code. Dressed in our considerably normal attire, my female companion and I had become the joke. While seated, waiting for the Ed Schrader show to begin, two guys passed around flyers, noticeably skipping past us. Was this like back in grade school when the popular kid passed out invitations but intentionally skipped the losers? Were we the losers?

In the end, they sorta are, because they get pick-pocketed, but… To keep reading, jump over here. See if you can spot yourself in the narrative, big-glasses mustache guy.

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