Natalie Portman & Devendra Banhart Are In Love With Everything

It’s Spring. Love abounds. We’ve avoided talking about the fledgling romance of freak folkster Devendra Banhart and Natalie Portman until now because … well, for some reason it grosses us out, Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon echoing somewhere out there. Today, we stumbled upon a series of photos that are entertaining enough that we can’t fight it any longer. They do look very happy, even seemingly welcoming a paparazzo into the fold for a group hug. Still, we do have to wonder if DevBan ever gets jealous about her love for Zach. Also, keep your eye on the doggie.


Minutes before that last shot the Doggie was asked about Natalie’s portrayal of Princess Amidala. And as far as the New York Post’s concerned, that’s news fit to print. You can see more of these images over at All this frolicking and peeing while the other Boleyn Girl’s doing injustice to Tom Waits. Actually, to be fair, at least one Gummer (hi, Brandon) thinks ScarJo’s performance is compellingly odd enough/Sitek’s production so naval-gazing, that it works … as something.