Sleigh Bells – “Comeback Kid”

Born To Lose” was the first listen, but “Comeback Kid” is being touted as the first official single from Sleigh Bells’ second LP Reign Of Terror. We’re deep enough into Derek Miller’s post-Poison The Well-production output to start tracing shifts and trajectory. So let’s do it! The 2HELLWU demo tracks were pushed into the red, largely, by way of those overdriven guitars; the distorto-pop trope stuck through Treats, now with an elegant splash of studio slickery to reflect the bigger budget and tactful hands at work; and here, on “Comeback Kid,” the guitars are at their most suffused yet, almost textural in relation to, say, “Infinity Guitars.” Derek’s pullback means a brighter light on other corners of the studio, with more space for a sharper focus on Alexis’s pop angle. As it happens, the pop angle is just one of Ms. Krauss’s many good sides. Train your gaze:

Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells

Reign Of Terror is out 2/21 via Mom + Pop.

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