Chairlift & Das Racist’s Kool A.D. Cover Beyoncé

Thanks to reader memoryboy for sending us this link to Triple J radio, wherein Chairlift and DR rap star Victor Vazquez aka Kool A.D. cover Beyoncé’s “Party.” (This is also titularly poetic, since Chairlift’s Caroline guested on Das Racist’s “Fashion Party back in the Sit Down, Man days.) In this fashion-less “Party,” Caroline plays the part of Beyoncé and Kool that of André, and though this would have had fascinating results if they had reversed roles, everyone benefits from this more conventional casting because a) Caroline has a great voice for covers (request her incredible “Wuthering Heights” next time you see her) and b) Victor is a rap star. (Note: Vic’s verses are de novo and he puts Common/Drake on blast just kidding he’s indifferent to their beef which is my preferred stance as well.) Chairlift as a backing band also sounds properly funked, which is nice. The whole bit starts by Chairlift instrumentalist/producer Patrick Wimberley talking about his “dream band” (Kool A.D., Stevie Wonder, and Phish’s Mike Gordon, which sounds pretty good!) and then by his band teasing the intro to “Ni**as In Paris” before launching into Bey. “Paris” comes up again in the exeunt, as well. Enjoy it, as they seem to:

Chairlift’s excellent Something is out now, and Kool A.D. has a mixtape he put out earlier this year which you can have, too.