Black Mountain – “Mary Lou” (Stereogum Premiere)

The great Vancouver riff-rock band Black Mountain are obviously the first people you’d ask to soundtrack your apocalyptic surfing movie, and the people behind the forthcoming film Year Zero had the exact same idea. In April, the band will release their soundtrack to the film, and it features Black Mountain songs both old and new. One of the new ones is an eight-minute charging-rhino jam called “Mary Lou,” and you can download it below. We’ve also got that soundtrack album’s tracklist and the movie’s trailer.

Black Mountain – “Mary Lou”

01 “Phosphorescent Waves”
02 “Bright Lights”
03 “Mary Lou”
04 “Embrace Euphoria”
05 “Tyrants”
06 “Modern Music”
07 “In Sequence”
08 “Wilderness Heart”
09 “Breathe”

The Year Zero soundtrack is out 4/3 on Jagjaguwar.