New Interpol Video – “Rest My Chemistry” (Unofficial, But Endorsed!)

We’ve all seen unofficial music videos — clips that folks who dig a band make because … they dig a band. Some work out great like “My Body Is A Cage” or HEALTH’s “Heaven,” and others are better left to the dustbin. Well, Aaron Koblin, a visual artist/Interpol fan, put together a tech-y video for “Rest My Chemistry” with the help of his production company, Blip Boutique. He wanted to adapt the technology he uses for his art to make a kind of art piece for the song. As the production company noted:

We wanted to do something for this song that was not specifically intended for broadcast, but that was more of an art piece that would live and grow primarily online. We wanted to use a new technology using data mapping to create an abstract video.

The result looks like biological — or, right, chemical — fireworks. Or Tron. Interpol was contacted about the project, liked it, and endorsed it. Does that make it official? We’re not sure, but it’s definitely a striking accompaniment to those starry, Pixie-ish guitar licks and Paul’s baritone.

In case you’re curious how it was made, here’s some more of that Q&A with Boom Blip about working on the project. This is their idea of the song’s story:

The story we wanted to tell came from the idea of body chemistry, as the song addresses sort of what one does to ones body and stepping away from that for a spell. So since we knew we wanted to do something with mapping data, we started thinking about body systems, and how we could expound on the idea of systems from the smallest to the largest scales. Therefore we decided to have the imagery reflect systems of particles within cells to cellular growth and multiplication to overall body systems, to city grids, to global mapping to solar systems, and back down again.

It’s also just pretty.

Our Love To Admire is out via Capitol.

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