Foo Fighters Enter The Funniest Tour Rider Contest

This is an imaginary contest that we just made up. Before today, the all-time champion was Iggy Pop, compliments of his tour manager guy Jos Grain (example: “2 X HEAVY DUTY STRAIGHT CYMBAL STANDS. But we are equal opportunity employers, so gay stands may apply also. [They won’t get the fucking job, though…”]). And actually, after today Iggy continues to hold on to that title. But second place may just belong to a boy named Foo. The Smoking Gun tracked down the hot doc in all its cheeky glory, although this excerpt was properly identified as blockquotable by Gawker.

Littered throughout the rider’s 16 pages (revised as of 4/2/08) are strict reminders not to recycle goods from “last night’s Dio show,” to make the soups vegetarian because “meaty soups make roadies fart,” and DVDs of “your choice” as long as there are no Jamie Kennedy, Martin Lawrence, or Sport titles. Now you know where Dave built up the writing chops for his Metallica epistle. Read the entire chuckle fest at The Smoking Gun.

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