Watch A$AP Rocky’s SXSW-Closing Brawl

Several Stereogum staffers made it out to Vice’s fest-closing Vice Killed Texas showcase, a lineup that featured the particularly resplendent Trash Talk followed by ASAP Rocky and Fidlar. Well, Fidlar, as you might have heard, never quite got the chance as ASAP’s set erupted into a throwdown after one beer can too many was launched toward the stage (even though I had had a few drinks at this point I’ll never forget the look on Rocky’s face as he started a sentence with “If one more beer can …” only to be interrupted by the majestic soar of Beer Can X. Rolling Stone has a good picture of the cascading beer). The ASAP Mob, which had to be visibly restrained several times throughout the abbreviated set, then rushed into the crowd and beat up at least one person. Everyone was forced to leave and with that, the week was a wrap. Poor Fidlar. Watch some crowd footage of the brawl below.

(via The Daily Swarm)

Tom also made a good point: Rocky was almost lucky the set ended in this manner because it deflected attention away from that awful sweatshirt.

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