New Florence & The Machine Video – “You’ve Got The Love (The xx Remix)”

As dime-a-dozen blog bait, remixes don’t usually merit official videos. But most remixes aren’t this officially excellent, so let’s all try to calm down and enjoy this clip! Florence & The Machine covered Source And Candi Staton’s “You’ve Got The Love” on her Lungs LP, and has frequently shared bills with London’s CMJ-ubiquitous the xx; when they were wrapping up their last tour together, they released this souvenir, which has Romy and Jamie providing de novo vocalizations over snippets of Florence’s harp and melisma set to warped dubstep, keyboard, and computer bits. It is very good and will make for a surprisingly perfect soundtrack to your next Studio 54 theme party. You know that is true because it is a surprisingly perfect soundtrack to this video, which is basically a Studio 54 theme party. Designer drugs for all.

(via GvsB)

Florence & The Machine – “You’ve Got The Love (The xx Remix)” (MP3)

Flo’s Lungs is out via Island, and xx is out via Young Turks/XL.