Robyn Brings Her “Cobrastyle” To The View

Well sure, it’s not exactly her “Cobrastyle.” But turning up for estrogen hour at ABC studios with the suited Teddybears themselves indicates she’s got clearance to do with it as she pleases. This morning, as a few weeks ago on Letterman, that meant bringing her big-headed Swedish buddies along to the TV studio and doing her Robyn-ized take on the cut. Are we posting the performance clip for R’s fierce poses, for the synchronized bobbing of the Teddys, or as justification for the amazing Whoopi Goldberg-Sherri Shepherd-Robin Miriam Carlsson left-to-right on that still? The answer is yes. All that.

And just like that, In just one fell swoop, Whoopi improves the CD collection every member of The View’s studio audience (and gives them what is likely their only Pitchfork 8.0+-scored album). Sorta funny that Robyn did The View, right? Before the performance, Elizabeth Hasselbeck says Robyn was there back in ’97! Ah, the “Show Me Love” days. Time flies when you’re busy reinventing yourself as the the reigning queen of electro-pop.