This Weezer & Kenny G Video Is Your Daddy

These days with Weezer it’s all about the =w=TF, particularly when it comes to collaborations: yesterday we learned Rivers was doing a song with Adam Lambert while watched him pull Blair Waldorf on stage on Halloween at Hammerstein for “If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To).” As previously reported, the band’s Spinner session ushers in a whole new round of fun, first and foremost via the soprano sax of Kenny G. Who knows if Kenny G or even Weezer is in on the joke at this point, but the performance itself, and watching The G walk out with his curls and start laying out the offensively inoffensive sax licks over “I’m Your Daddy,” is a guaranteed smile — particularly when he and Rivers lock eyes and grin on “this ain’t improbable,” which seems to have become a credo for latter day Weezer. Also, Rivers and Kenny are ageless just like Keanu. Anyway there are two more for you, too: Instead of Leighton Meester on “If You’re Wondering” this Spinner set brings Sara Bareilles, and it actually came out great (because Sarah actually can sing), along with Chamillionaire replacing Weezy on “I Can’t Stop Partying,” laying down a de novo verse which doesn’t focus on the Weezer/Weezy wordplay similarity because Chamillionaire is a smart rapper, that’s how he’s made chamillions of dollars.

“I’m Your Daddy” (Feat. Kenny G)

“Can’t Stop Partying” (Feat. Chamillionaire)

“If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)” (Feat. Sara Bareilles)

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Speaking of dads, Raditude comes free with a purchase of the Weezer Snuggie. Watch their infomercial that would have been a lot funnier a year ago.