Carrie Brownstein To Publish Memoir

The New York Times reports that Sleater-Kinney/Wild Flag co-leader Carrie Brownstein, who’s lately become weirdly famous as one of the two people behind Portlandia, has signed on with Riverhead Books, and she’s currently working on a memoir. Brownstein has some history as a writer of things beyond songs and comedy sketches; she spent a few years writing the Monitor Mix blog for NPR. She’s also a generally awesome human being.

The Times says that there’s no title or publication date for the book yet, but a recent mammoth New Yorker profile on Brownstein claims that she’s working on a tome called The Sound Of Where You Are, which is “about the current state of music-making.” So maybe she’s working on two different books? Either way, we’re talking about one third of one of the best bands of the past couple of decades, so we should probably all cop this book on general principle.

You can also check out Carrie on the latest episode of WTF With Marc Maron.