Julian Casablancas Covers “I Wish It Was Christmas Today”

A big part of what made Saturday Night Live’s recurring yuletide classic “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” so perfect were the sight gags: Tracy Morgan’s dead-eyed dance, Chris Kattan’s head shake, even Jimmy Fallon’s inability to keep a straight face through triggering the Casio presets. Horatio Sanz’s blissfully silly vocal was just the ornament. This version doesn’t have any of that — in fact the vocal is played as straight as “Boombox” — but it’s hard to fuck up a classic. As reported yesterday, Julian Casablancas continues to epitomize NYC awesomeness (even while paying rent in Los Angeles) with a straight-laced downtown rock take on the last decade’s finest contribution to the Xmas canon. It sounds like an early Strokes b-side, which is weird! As the malls of America have taught us, it’s never too early to get into the gift giving spirit, so give one to yourself with JC’s holiday tune.

Also streaming at MySpace. (You’ll hear the rest of Phrazes For The Young there, too, in case you haven’t prematurely evaluated it yet.) The track’s available on the iTunes deluxe version of Stroke’s solo LP, and it’s also out 12/21 as a stand alone download and 7″.

Can’t touch this though: