New Mount Eerie – “In Moonlight”

Phil Elverum can kinda do no wrong. Of course, everyone does wrong, because nobody’s perfect, but the Microphones and Mount Eerie main man has a stellar track record, and we’re in no mood to quibble about the man who created The Glow Pt. 2, etc. Or, look no further than his excellently raw, heavily rotated new 6-song EP, Black Wooden Ceiling Opening, where he ups the hardcore elements, adds the drummer Kjetil Jenssen, and Jason Anderson (Wolf Colonel) and keeps it lo-fi, dark, and gorgeous in the quest for “Black Wooden” music. “In Moonlight,” for instance, is a dark, shadowy quest into the self (“it was me revealed in moonlight”) that quickly jumps into that Anacortes, Washington kult sound.

Mount Eerie – “In Moonlight” (MP3)

That outro’s so super: Full-on rock to flat-line static. The entire collection rollicks and weaves together like that — so cathartic. The songs were recorded in November ’06 with that Phil calls his “hard core” line up. He adds, “‘Black Wooden’ is supposedly a new kind of music we’re trying to unearth.” Of course, the sound was always there — think about “The Glow Pt. 2,” etc. Still, keep looking, Phil, because we love this EP and find what you’re up to truly fascinating/exciting. (Maybe ask Olympia-area comrades Wolves In The Throne Room — or, the more distant Dead Raven Choir — for some tips.)

Black Wooden Ceiling Opening is out 5/27 as a 10″ + CD via Elverum and Southern Distribution.