Wayne Coyne Recording With Ke$ha Again

The Flaming Lips roped a whole ton of collaborators into their forthcoming Record Store Day album The Flaming Lips And Heavy Fwends, and none of those collaborators was more unlikely than the ultra-crass top-40 pop star Ke$ha, who’s also letting the band use some of her blood in the actual vinyl copies of the album. As it turns out, the partnership won’t end there.

NME points out that Wayne Coyne has Tweeted that he and Ke$ha are at work on “a freaky new song about futuristic sex toys!!!” (I guess that’s as opposed to a totally normal song about futuristic sex toys.) There’s some chance that this track will end up on Ke$ha’s sophomore LP. Maybe we should all keep our fingers crossed that this particular album will turn into Ke$ha Battles The Pink Robots.

Here’s a video highlight reel of Wayne and Ke$ha’s working relationship thus far: