Jack Riedy

Jack Riedy


I've seen her in a tiny club and headlining an amphitheater and she was great both times: strong, clear rapping while also incorporating ridiculously twerk-heavy choreo. Cardi B is in a similar situation, she has yet to headline her own tour despite having a bunch of hits - I don't know if that's a strategic choice from the artists or if bookers are just undervaluing female rappers.
Very happy to see the new Defcee album on here, it's so so good. And top notch Batman Forever reference Tom!
Great song. drinking banana daiquiris while mourning on Christmas is a top tier image.
Surprised not to see “I Wish It was Christmas Today” https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bAzxdW5SAxc
gonna check it out this weekend!
Ben LaMar Gay album out this Friday is great also
Nicki's feature is the quintessential hashtag rap verse to me (and I've heard a lot of that flow lately). lots of great/terrible lines, closing with "double D up hos, Dolly Parton" is so funny. and the way Drake pitches his voice up at the end of his "Under Ground Kings" verses is still so cool and unexpected.


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