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Inside The Ecstatic World Of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda

Though she ultimately spent more time as his widow than as his wife, Alice McLeod’s marriage to John Coltrane was destined, as though by cosmic…
Lindsey Rhoades | May 19, 2017 - 1:15 pm

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Stream World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music Of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda

Because of her last name, the late Alice Coltrane was better-known for being John Coltrane's widow than anything else. But Alice was an influential mystic…
Tom Breihan | April 27, 2017 - 10:09 am

Hear Two Tracks From New Alice Coltrane Compilation World Spirituality Classics 1

Next month, Luaka Bop will release World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda, a compilation of Alice Coltrane recordings that were…
James Rettig | April 13, 2017 - 12:32 pm