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Go Your Own Way: 25 Notable Divorce Albums

Pop music is littered with the shattered remains of relationships. As the stereotype goes: Personal strife often makes for good art. And for many artists,…
Ryan Leas | October 16, 2017 - 1:20 pm

2016 In Review

Everyone Who Was Sued For Stealing Songs In 2016

There’s a lot to say about "Blurred Lines," the inescapable (at the time) 2013 hit penned by Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I., and not…
Bruce Hamilton | December 9, 2016 - 1:25 pm

The Week In Pop

Till The World Ends: Britney Spears And The Extended Shelf Life Of The Modern Pop Star

No one remembers Debbie Gibson. Actually, perhaps the opposite is true: Memory is the only way most people experience Gibson anymore, not as an active…
Chris DeVille | August 25, 2016 - 3:03 pm

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U2 – “What’s Going On” (Marvin Gaye Cover)

U2 are in the midst of promoting their new album Songs Of Experience, and the most recent installment in that rollout is a contribution to…
Ryan Leas | December 13, 2017 - 12:49 pm

Josh Homme: “Copyright Law Is Really Fucked Up Right Now Because Of That Dumb Shit Robin Thicke”

Two years ago, the family of Marvin Gaye won a lawsuit against Robin Thicke over his massive hit "Blurred Lines." "Blurred Lines" hadn't taken any…
Tom Breihan | August 24, 2017 - 1:03 pm

BJ The Chicago Kid – “Uncle Marvin”

The ridiculously gifted young soul singer BJ The Chicago Kid scored a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Performance earlier this week. And today, he's hit…
Tom Breihan | December 8, 2016 - 1:21 pm

Jamie Foxx To Produce Miniseries About Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye is probably the single greatest soul singer of all time, and his career was long and weird enough that it probably couldn't fit…
Tom Breihan | November 30, 2016 - 10:43 am

Now Ed Sheeran’s Getting Sued For Ripping Off Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye's co-writer's heirs claim that Ed Sheeran copied Gaye's probably most-recognized hit, "Let's Get It On." According to TMZ, the lawsuit specifically says Sheeran…
Collin Robinson | August 10, 2016 - 9:59 am

The Week In Pop

Their Name Is Jonas: The Surprising Post-Disney Success Of Brothers Joe And Nick

Once upon a time there was a band called the Jonas Brothers. They were called that because they were three brothers, and their last name…
Chris DeVille | April 14, 2016 - 3:51 pm

Watch Blood Orange Perform With Solange & Nelly Furtado At The Apollo

Dev Hynes performed at two Blood Orange & Friends benefit shows at the Apollo Theater in Harlem yesterday, with all the proceeds from the event…
Peter Helman | December 13, 2015 - 11:27 am

Watch Pharrell & Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” Lawsuit Depositions

The "Blurred Lines" lawsuit was a big deal. Back in March, a jury ruled that the 2013 Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams song was similar…
Peter Helman | October 24, 2015 - 4:09 pm

Judge Reduces “Blurred Lines” Damages, But Rules T.I. Should Be Held Liable Too

Back in March, a jury ruled that the Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I. hit "Blurred Lines" is similar enough to Marvin Gaye's 1977 single…
Peter Helman | July 14, 2015 - 10:49 pm

Chuck D Defends Bill Cosby, Accuses Marvin Gaye Of Pedophilia

To begin his tweet-spree defending Bill Cosby against immense, overwhelming rape allegations, Chuck D notes that we are living in a "wild bizarre time." That…
Caitlin White | July 13, 2015 - 2:32 pm

Brandon Flowers Agrees 150% With “Blurred Lines” Ruling

The multi-million dollar "Blurred Lines" lawsuit left most of the music industry spinning, and plenty of people have given their two cents on the matter.
Caitlin White | May 7, 2015 - 1:00 pm

The Week In Pop

The Week In Pop: From The Earliest MP3 To The Latest Britney Spears, A Pop History Of Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner”

"Tom's Diner" is one of those songs you know even if you don't realize it. Suzanne Vega's signature song -- written about the same NYC…
Chris DeVille | April 30, 2015 - 12:54 pm
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