Chvrches - "Gun" video

The Glasgow synthpop trio Chvrches made a name for themselves earlier this year with their Recover EP and with its ridiculously catchy title track. And now they’ve announced plans to release their debut album The Bones Of What You Believe this fall. Their new video for “Gun,” the similarly infectious first single from the album, turns the standard band-performance video format into a dizzy kaleidoscope of melting images. Watch it below.

The Bones Of What You Believe is out 9/24 on Glassnote.

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  1. Reminiscent of Chairlift’s Evident Utensil video.

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  2. Inexplicably, I freaking love this band. I shouldn’t, because sugary sweet synth pop of this nature is about as far from what I regularly listen to as you can get. But there’s just something about them that works for me. Some kind of underlying sadness to the lyrics and the way she delivers them that makes me want to keep listening.

    • Why in the shit does this have five down votes? I said I love this band. If there’s something wrong with anything else I said how about you use, ya know, like, one or two braincells and express an actual opinion.

  3. Oh, I get it! Because the “V” is really a “U”, right?? Wow, that’s so clever! What will they think of next?!

    Sovnds like some Taylor Swift crap

    • Or, you know, it could be because they wanted their band to show up in search results rather than the bloated religious hierarchy that exists. Oh wait. It is exactly why.

      • so they’re sooo committed to that stupid, meaningless name that they have to do that childish spelling bullshit that’s all the rage?


        oh yeah, because that requires talent.

    • What Bryce Bullins said. And try being a little more cynical and sarcastic. I’m sure there’s got to be something left that you’re haven’t stopped yourself from enjoying yet.

  4. the future of “indie music” coverage looks grim

  5. Fuck Vevo

  6. I’m always shocked to find grown men resentful towards beautiful pop music like charli xcx/marina and the diamonds/grimes/chrvches, because god knows they have so much else going for them than to protect their shitty elitist tastes.

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