Tears For Fears - "Ready To Start"

Tears For Fears’ 2004 album Everybody Loves A Happy Ending found Curt Smith rejoining Roland Orzabal after an acrimonious decade apart. Since then, a series of reunion shows, reissues, and covers/samples by pop stars like Katy Perry and Kanye West have led to renewed interest in the influential new wave group. Now Smith and Orzabal have taken a break from recording a new LP to share an unlikely synth pop cover of Arcade Fire’s “Ready To Start.” Check it out below.

Arcade Fire have a new album out soon, too. It might be called Reflektor.

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  1. i like it. what’s Roni Size up to these days anyway?

  2. I was hoping for more 80′s epicness realness, but this is pretty sweet either way.

  3. I haven’t (but am about to) listened to this yet, but I just wanna put this out there: Songs From the Big Chair is such a killer album. Perennially underrated.

  4. Songs from the Big Chair and The Hurting are New Wave classics. Haven’t cared for most releases from TFF after those two records, although Sowing the Seeds of Love (single) was a pretty good piece of Beatles-worship.

  5. I always hate how when websites or blogs are making “Best Albums of the 80′s” lists that “Songs From The Big Chair” gets left out. Seriously such a classic. Their growth from “The Hurting” to that album is monumental, and they could sure make some sounds and work an equalizer like no other band could.

  6. When the song kicks in at 1:11… hot damn! Tears for Fears, didn’t know you had this in you!

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