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As you may recall, it was just last month that Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox bought a 5% stake in Vice Media for 70 million dollars. Now Murdoch’s right-wing media empire has again demonstrated their interest in engaging with a younger and more “alternative” demographic — or at least that seems it might have been a motivation in bringing on Ariel Pink as a recent guest on the satirical program Red Eye With Greg Gutfield. Seems weird, but the show has previously had on Stephen Malkmus and Fucked Up, and at the end of the day, it is pretty cool to see an awesome weirdo like Pink on this sort of show. Watch him talk with a bunch of squares about space robots, football players smoking pot, and getting maced. Right at the beginning, Pink responds to some sexist comments about women “not liking robots except for maybe vacuum robots.” “There’s no such thing as men and women anymore,” he says. (Cue “Menopause Man.”) Later in the pot conversation he comments that a show like this would “only make sense while high.”

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  1. those might be some of the most horrible people on earth (not Ariel, he’s a genius).

  2. Left to Right: Dana Perino, Bill Schulz, Sherrod Small, AP, Greg Gutfeld. What is so horrible about these other 4 non-AP people?

    Greg Gutfeld, who hosts the show, has been a fan of Ariel Pink for a while. I have to disagree with Liz Pelly’s analysis of an interest in engaging a young demographic! It was definitely more “I’m the host and I want Ariel Pink on the show.”

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      • They are sexist??? *Bill Schulz* is sexist? Are you arriving at low-information conclusions because of the words “fox news” or is there anything to back up your claims?

        I haven’t watched this taping of the show yet, but I’ve watched it on many past occasions. I don’t see any of them as being sexist. If there is indeed a “women only like vacuum robots” comment, I imagine it is a cynical, sarcastic comment. Gutfeld himself cynically and sarcastically asks the panelists if the President should be impeached for all sorts of silly, insignificant issues.

        Since this article doesn’t say who made the comment, I’ll have to watch it later, probably on the HDContentdump03‎ youtube account, whenever they get around to uploading it (there you go, tedd, who commented below me).

  3. Is the video of this actually posted or linked in the article? The directive to “watch” made me believe so.

  4. Murdoch has a ‘right wing media empire’? Really? Then why does he employ so many well known left wing media personalities? In fact he employs more left wing people than right wing people.
    If left wingers weren’t all such hypocrites and liars, maybe people would trust what they say more?

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