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Every time a new Animal Collective-related release gets announced, the fan forum Collected Animals becomes one of the most fevered areas to find even the faintest sliver of news. Now that there are new solo albums coming from both Avey Tare and Panda Bear (and maybe Deakin … what ever happened with that?) today they helped bring to the public a live Noah Lennox cut fans are currently calling “(Marijuana) Makes My Day.” It’s apparently from a mixtape compiled by Sonic Boom (who is in a full-on producer role for the tentatively titled Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper, as opposed to just mixing as he did for Tomboy) for an upcoming festival they’ll both be playing. Though the live recording has been mixed there’s no word if this is a primordial track that will appear on the album. Animal Collective’s members have always made a habit of working out new material before recording so it’s likely that whatever might be going into the new album will be previewed when Panda Bear performs 5/18 in Brooklyn for Red Bull Music Academy and at festival dates this summer. Listen to the murky, but nonetheless beautiful recording, which sounds like it samples Ladysmith Black Mambazo, below.

(via GvsB)

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  1. is that a Lady Black Mambazo sample?

  2. I kind of like it, but it sounds like a parody of a Panda Bear track.

  3. This song turned me straightedge.

  4. I’m pretty sure Noah and I listen to the same music. We should hang out.

  5. The royal penis is clean your highness…


    This is just old-fashioned Panda Bear and I could live on it for the next 100 years.

    My favorite aspect of the song is the stark contrast to some of the more hard-hitting, dance-y tracks that will inevitably be recorded for the next LP. Releasing this as a freebie early on was probably a wise decision, considering how awkward it would be to hear it included on the same record as something like this:

  7. Okay I definitely am a project signed up for HBO

  8. yeeah guys your all wrong, its just bob

  9. This sounds like Simba and Mufasa ate a bag of mushrooms.

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