Lana Del Rey Signs Autographs

Reports about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding weekend included the nugget that, as was rumored, Lana Del Rey showed up to perform at the pre-party in Versailles. (You may recall that her “Young And Beautiful” was part of the couple’s engagement.) There were also rumors that Del Rey was paid millions of dollars for the gig, but according to a new TMZ video, those ones were false. Below, watch Lana explain her reasoning for playing the wedding for free while signing autographs for pathetic grown men.

Funny that she doesn’t mention how much free promotion the Kimye gig got her with Ultraviolence’s release looming two weeks from now.

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  1. The guy interviewing her is as pathetic as the guys asking for autographs!?

  2. Is it more or less pathetic that those guys are not fans, but are bombarding her for autographs to sell on eBay?


  4. Okay first of all, Lana Del Rey’s album needs absolutely no promotion. That girl has been selling music like no other since 2011. If you were a music follower/blogger you would have known that she has done much in the past to make her name well known. Nobody needs Kimye.

  5. Why are they sad? They could be fans or be getting the signatures for someone else. Nothing wrong with that. Stop hating, Sterogum.

  6. So it’s pathetic to want her autograph, but not pathetic to run a story on every little thing she says? OK.

    • These middle-aged men who track celebs to the airport and accost them with sexy photos (some IN PLASTIC TO PROTECT THEIR VALUE) are not fans. They’re celebrity autograph dealers.

      • well, the article probably ought to have mentioned that.

        the way it’s written up now easily gives the impression that it’s the author’s intent to label all middle-aged fans of LDR inherently sad.

        then again, whatever.

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  8. Are they vultures or lemmings, it’s difficult to tell from this distance?

  9. How is wanting an autograph pathetic. What is pathetic is kanye & kim having millions of dollars but not paying her for her services – unless she saw it as a wedding gift

  10. Were those pathetic grown men getting autographs the same pathetic grown men writing articles about her signing autographs?

  11. We’ve got Team Breezy and the Beliebers, what do we call all of these Lana Del Rey fans coming out of the woodwork? I submit: the Rey-Bans. You’re welcome America.

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