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L.A.-via-San Francisco garage rocker Ty Segall is a one-man industry, cranking out new albums faster than some people buy new pairs of shoes and exploring the different crannies of his genre with each new record. Segall’s new album Manipulator comes out next month, and its 17 euphoric, weirdly funky songs sprawl out over more than an hour. We’ve heard a preview of a few of those songs, but the first full track we get to hear is “Susie Thumb,” a chunky and fired-up riff-beast with some snotty, glam-rocky falsetto from Segall. It’s a very good song, and it’s one of many on the album. Download it below.

(via KEXP)

Manipulator is out 8/26 on Drag City.

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  1. Ty Segall isn’t human. No one should be able to keep up this level of consistent production. He is clearly a machine built for maximum rock n’ roll efficiency.

  2. Might be my album of the year, but then again I’m pretty sure Ty Segall cracked the code for what perfect music is for my ears.

  3. This album is a monster!!

    Don’t be scared kids, that sound you hear is guitars

  4. It was really cool to read that Ty Segall feature over on Pitchfork because I thought this was just another album he was dishing out but really he spent a little over two years making this one. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing and see how the process works for him since he’s so well deserved of the most consistent and producing artist out right now. This songs kicks ass which is all Ty knows how to do honestly

  5. Hearing some major White Fence-vibes

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