R.I.P. Dennis Flemion (The Frogs)

Dennis Flemion, one half of the flamboyant cult lo-fi duo the Frogs, is missing and presumed dead after disappearing during a family boating trip in Wisconsin. He was 57.

Flemion and his brother Jimmy formed the Frogs in Milwaukee in 1980, and they spent the next three decades releasing home-recorded snarked-out songs about religion and homosexuality and playing live in ridiculous silvery costumes. They released music on Homestead and Matador, and most of the alt-rock gods of the ’90s professed to love them. Frogs fan Billy Corgan hired Flemion as the Smashing Pumpkins’ touring keyboardist for a spell in the mid-’90s. But though the Frogs remained active, they never developed a wide audience on even an underground level. Just last week, they released two new digital albums.

Below, watch the Frogs performing “I Only Play 4 Money” with Eddie Vedder.

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