Lovestreams – “There’s Video” Video

Okkervil River frontman Will Sheff recently announced a new synthy solo side project called Lovestreams, and he’s planning on posting his songs online one at a time rather than gathering them into an album-sized bundle. After debut single “Shock Corridor,” the second Lovestreams song we’ve heard is the slow-building “There’s Video,” which comes drenched in both sex and sax. Cleverly, Sheff has chosen to debut it in the form of a video. Sheff’s actor/director friend Scott Coffey has filmed Sheff trudging around New York, using an old digital video camera and its in-camera effects to make the city look like the seedy, broken metropolis it once was. Watch it, and download the song, below.

Lovestreams – “There’s Video”

Sheff is posting all his Lovestreams stuff here, so that’s the Tumblr to follow if you’re interested.