When Saints Go Machine – “Iodine”

The wonderful Copehnagen outfit When Saints Go Machine are following up their 2011 breakthrough LP Konkylie with Infinity Pool, a new album which already caught us off-guard with a verse from Killer Mike on the compelling minor-key mood-cut “Love And Respect.” The full record’s out later this month, and to celebrate WSGM’s offering up “Iodine.” When Saints Go Machine’s general prerogative of making filmic music fronted with Arthur Russell-redolent vocals is entirely upheld here, though the presets and sounds on “Iodine”‘s electronic production are particularly well-crafted, and the flip from minor key to major for the hook is thereby particularly sublime. Recommended listening. (And you should also brush up on iodine’s high atomic number, low toxicity, and ease of attachment to organic compounds over at Wiki while you’re at it. Because when is the last time you really thought about Iodine, and would it kill you to relearn something from high school today? My point is: We need iodine to live. And the song’s pretty essential, too.)

Infinity Pool is out 5/28 via !K7.