Braids – “In Kind”

Montreal’s Braids stopped off here last month with a pretty, electronic, vocally effected six-minute track called “Amends,” the b-side from a 12″ led by “In Kind,” the song you can hear today. It is another six-minute track, making this 12″ a real value from a durational standpoint. It is, also, another beauty, so you should consider purchasing this 12″ on grounds other than average track lengths, you weirdo: “In Kind” weaves guitars and effects and digital squiggles into art-pop charged with beautiful vocal coos and the occasional Animal Collective shriek. And that’s not all: Fans of Braids should note “In Kind”‘s internet release is timed to promote the announcement of their new LP Flourish // Perish, the followup to 2011’s Native Speaker. Rejoice “In Kind,” hear it below:

Flourish // Perish is out 8/20 via Arbutus/Full Time Hobby/Flemish Eye. The In Kind // Amends 12″ is out 6/11 also via Artbus.

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