Black Sabbath – “God Is Dead?” Video

There’s been a lot of good discourse surrounding the “reunited” Black Sabbath’s new album, the Rick Rubin-produced 13. Steve Smith and Ben Ratliff offered some fascinating and thoughtful insights into the album on the last New York Times Music Popcast; my pal (and occasional Stereogum contributor) Hank Shteamer wrote a great (positive) review of the record today for Pitchfork; Adrien Begrand wrote a compelling (negative) review for MSN. It’s pretty exciting to hear so many top-flight musical minds examining the new work from heavy metal’s seminal band. (I especially liked Smith’s “conspiracy theory” regarding the numerology behind the album’s title.) As I said in my own very short insta-reaction, I’ve felt instinctively ambivalent about 13, but also impressed by it. The album is set to drop tomorrow, so it’s fine time to debut the video for its first single, “God Is Dead?” — a song I’ve liked all along. The “God Is Dead?” clip is both cheap-looking and unnecessarily high-concept. The song still sounds good. Check it out.