James Murphy Talks Up New Arcade Fire LP

Earlier this summer, it was revealed that Arcade Fire would release their follow-up full-length to 2010’s The Suburbs with James Murphy serving as a producer for some of the LP. Murphy recently spoke to NME about the band’s fourth album, saying that, “it’s really epic” but still, technically, unfinished:

“Well, finished is… thing is, for them, it’s not finished until it’s in stores. My bit is done. It’s not up to me when it’s finished. There’s a whole complement of people in that band who could have their own bands, or are a successful solo artist. They’re all so phenomenally talented and full of ideas so songs keep on coming. The last time I dared think it was finished I came back to the studio three days later to mix and they’d written two new songs for the album! So it was like, uh, ‘Let’s record these too!’ But it sounds awesome. Really.”

The release date for the album was announced last week via Twitter, when the band responded to a fan who @’d them “You’re my favorite.” The as-yet-untitled project is out 10/29.