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Seven years ago, the Blow, the Portland DIY electro-pop duo of Khaela Maricich and Jona Bechtolt, released the album Paper Television, an utterly winning collection of weirdly moving musings over blips and pings. A little while after, Bechtolt, who handled all the blips and pings, left to focus full-time on YACHT, his other project. Maricich, who was responsible for the weirdly moving musings, hooked up with Melissa Dyne, and the two moved to New York, where Dyne joined Maricich in the Blow. Together, they played scattered live shows, with Dyne handling the blips from offstage. And now they’ve made an album together. It’s called The Blow, it’s out this fall, it features drum sounds from Sarab Singh (Amrit’s brother), and we’ve got the tracklist below. I can’t wait.

01 “Make It Up”
02 “A Kiss”
03 “From The Future”
04 “I Tell Myself Everything”
05 “Invisible”
06 “Hey”
07 “Like Girls”
08 “The Spector”
09 “Not Dead Yet”
10 “You’re My Light”

The Blow is out 10/1 on Kanine.

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