Omar Souleyman – “Wenu Wenu” (Prod. Four Tet)

Four Tet has his own new album Beautiful Rewind coming out soon, but he also produced all of Wenu Wenu, the new album from the Syrian singer Omar Souleyman. One thing that strikes me about that album’s title track, which you can hear below, is that Four Tet’s stamp is barely anywhere on it. It sounds very much like the synthetic Arabic dance-folk that Souleyman has made for almost two decades — one that won him an international audience when the Sublime Frequencies label started reissuing his Middle Eastern records. Kieran Hebden is clearly a fan, and he’s staying out of the way of the incantory personality at the center of the track. The lyric video below gives the song’s English translation, and it’s almost a shock to see that it’s a straightforward love song rather than some mystical prayer.

Wenu Wenu is out 10/22 on Ribbon Music.