Four Tet Beautiful Rewind Details

Last year, the great kinda-dance producer Kieran Hebden, who records as Four Tet, released the sorely underrated singles collection Pink, which showed how close to straight-up dance music his productions could get without losing their exploratory spirit. But Hebden hasn’t released a full-on album of new material since 2010’s There Is Love In You. That will thankfully change soon, as Hebden recently announced the impending release of the new LP Beautiful Rewind — and considering that he’s never dropped a less-than-very-good LP, this is welcome news indeed. And in further welcome news, Hebden is also producing all of Wenu Wenu, the forthcoming studio album from the cultishly beloved Syrian singer Omar Souleyman. Below, check out the Beautiful Rewind tracklist and the trailer for Wenu Wenu.

01 “Gong”
02 “Parallel Jalebi”
03 “Our Navigation”
04 “Ba Teaches Yoga”
05 “Kool FM”
06 “Crush”
07 “Buchla”
08 “Aerial”
09 “Ever Never”
10 “Unicorn”
11 “Your Body Feels”

There’s no release date on Beautiful Rewind yet, but it’s coming soon from Hebden’s own Text label. Meanwhile, Wenu Wenu is out 10/22 on Ribbon Music.