Tom Breihan

Tom Breihan


There is a busted lamp sitting on the desk in front of me right now, and it will never be whole again. Why did he take apart a *lamp*?
I probably had a bud. I don't remember what he had. Pretty sure I bummed a Marlboro Lite from him tho.
I have considered it! Stay tuned.
Sorry guys. It's being worked on. Please know it's driving us all fucking nuts as well.
Genuinely surprised at all the comments that preferred the rating at the bottom of the article! I honestly never thought of myself as a suspenseful writer! I like the way the new design looks, and it took FUCKING FOREVER to move a bunch of the old columns over to the new design over the weekend. But I dunno, we can talk about it internally over here and see what we wanna do.
I messed up on the Jefferson Starship singles. Was looking at the wrong column on the Wikipedia page. Just fixed. ("White Rabbit" is another 9.)
I appreciate that putting the score up top is a new-normal thing that's gonna take some adjustment, but I dunno, I like it.
My thinking was: Yeah, OK, that sounds fine.
By "tighten up" you mean "agree with me more because I wrote a book in the '80s"? That's some goofy shit right there.

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