Tom Breihan

Tom Breihan


Here's one for free.
I *knew* at least one of you motherfuckers would show up here like "actually ARTBAT is blah blah blah, can't believe you don't know them." I'm busy, OK?
It's a fine distinction, but for me, the rapping isn't fully the focal point of "Gonna Make You Sweat." Also the rapper isn't credited as the lead artist.
No. Rocket surgery. Surgery on rockets. Way harder than the other two.
Jonah Falco produced it!
Real shit, thanks to everyone for reading.
Couldn't pick one Turnstile song that stands out above the others. Whole album too good. But I'll have more to say about Turnstile in another year-end article soon.
I've written about this before. I actually think Keanu is the best action star ever, in history, but I didn't want to try to make the Keanu > Bruce Lee argument in a #1s intro. No A-list actor has ever taken the art of the action movie as seriously as Keanu does. The martial-arts choreography stuff that he can do is beyond impressive, even as he edges into his late 50s. The stunts are fucking insane. The level of time that his career covers is unprecedented. He's got classics on classics: Point Break, Speed, Matrix 1-3, Wick 1-3. For his directorial debut, motherfucker went to Hong Kong to make a Chinese-language underground-fighting-tournament vehicle for his Matrix stunt coordinator, and it fucking slaps. See Man Of Tai Chi if you haven't. Keanu also helped Matrix stunt guys get the job to direct John Wick, and that movie has been hugely influential on the whole global action-cinema landscape. Keanu single-handedly took us out of the era of Bourne and Taken clones. He's the fuckin man.
It's Hype Williams. He only made one movie, and it's a classic.


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