Tom Breihan

Tom Breihan


I don't like to write 10th anniversary pieces, since I was already working as music critic 10 years ago, but this is my favorite album of the '10s.
Damn, I made a shitty and wrong assumption about Brad Johnson! Thanks for the correction; I'm taking that part out.
"Theme From S'Express" slaps extremely hard.
thanks, buddy. sorry you're going through it, too.
that was the one. did they play after james brown?
I'm not editing the post. I like Madball and would like to see them live.
I've been to plenty of shows where people wore or said stupid things, and the hardcore scene is nowhere near as racially homogenous as a lot of people seem to think.
I sit down sometimes. (but yeah he's tall. and I'm just seven feet even, you don't have to add a plus, damn.)


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