The Julie Ruin – “Ha Ha Ha”

With the release of “Ha Ha Ha,” we officially can’t nail down exactly what the Julie Ruin’s sound will be. When they made their live premiere in December 2010 at Brooklyn’s the Knitting Factory at a massive and moving Kathleen Hanna tribute show, they dazzled with Bikini Kill covers and some raucous but playful new material — but with minimal electronic elements, unlike Hanna’s lo-fi solo project for which this band is named. It seemed like they’d maintain more of the punk elements from her and Kathi Wilcox’s first foray into music together, which was especially bolstered by their debut album’s first official single “Oh Come On.” And yet, here we are with “Ha Ha Ha,” a much synthier second helping from Run Fast. It comes with the same vibrancy as “Come On,” so what we can gather is that this is going to be about exuberance through and through. Check it out below.