Just Blaze & Baauer – “Higher” Video

Just before the whole “Harlem Shake” thing really popped off, Baauer got together with Just Blaze, one of the greatest rap producers ever, to make “Higher,” a hard-as-fuck trap rave track that was all shot through with Jay-Z vocal samples. (Right now, it’s tagged as “featuring Jay Z,” but Jay doesn’t rap on it or anything, so no.) The track now has a video from director Nabil, and like most things directed by Nabil, it’s incredible. The clip tells the story about a little kid in India who tries to get his revenge on a drunk-asshole martial artist type. It all looks like it’s heading toward a situation like the one with Ben Affleck and the paint in Dazed & Confused, but then things take… another direction. Check it out below.

It would be cool if this somehow became Baauer’s main YouTube legacy.