Prince Joins Twitter

It’s just another #FollowFriday! Er, Wednesday. I wish it were Friday! Anyway, the Twitter handle @3rdeyegirl has been (sporadically) active since January 6, but as of yesterday, the account’s output and follower base have increased exponentially: The account attributed to Prince’s current band 3rd Eye Girl has been commandeered by Prince himself (Verified!), and the Purple One has started tweeting. His first tweet?

Poetry! We also got Prince’s first selfie:

#nofilter! And, reassuringly, we got Prince’s first Twitter-usage of the decimal “2” in place of the adverb “too,” and the noun “Eye” in place of the pronoun “I”:

Yeah, man, it kinda seems like you did! But who the hell am Eye to tell Prince how to eat? Dude’s 55 years old and he still moves like James Brown in his prime. And of course one tweet linked out to a preview of a new song, “Groovy Potential,” which showcases this totally smooth-jazzy side of Prince that I’ve always loved. Check it out below and follow Prince here.

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